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Health + Fitness Industry Night: Fri Nov 13th 5-9pm

Health + Fitness Industry Night:

Energize, network, and celebrate with like-minded peers for an evening full of guest speakers, educational workshops, healthy bites & beverages, trunk shows, live DJ, and giveaways you won’t want to miss.

Fitness is booming! Today you can find a multitude of great instructors and gyms that deliver cycling, weight lifting, boxing, and everything in between.

Believe it or not, there was a time that I found myself embarrassed to tell people my profession. If conversation shifted at a dinner or house party, “What do you do for a living?” I would gulp, sweat, gasp and then whisper under my breath, “I am a fitness instructor.” When I started in fitness 15 years ago, working as a personal trainer or group fitness teacher was not often thought of as a profession. Back then, one may have worked in fitness as a hobby, to get through college, or maybe even to just help pay off school loans while they waited to get a REAL job. Today, I walk through this bustling, health-conscious city (dressed in my work uniform of lululemon pants, Gap Body shirt, Lucy bra, and Lorna Jane jacket. Guilty!) amazed and excited to see yet another gym, another juice bar, or another cool new place where I can find a community of like-minded people. Now I am proud say that I am a part of a growing industry that continues to shape and shift attitudes, bodies, and minds.

It’s 2015 and time for an industry wide paradigm shift in our commoditized, just do it till you drop, poly/cotton, spandex-blended world (which I love, mind you). As fitness professionals we owe it to our clients, members, and followers to stay committed to being knowledgeable, passionate, and unified. With all the growth and changes in technology and fitness programming the time has come to open our doors to each other and discuss how we can elevate our level of instruction and industry as a whole. Together lets discuss movement as it applies to quality of life. There is room for all of us at the fitness and wellness table who have a mission to make lives better. Let’s realize there is no patent on the lunge or squat, but recognize instead a palette of movement exists that can be artistically blended to create more ways to change lives, have fun, and stay strong.

The Studiomix team will be hosting a night of education, inspiration, and movement on Friday, November 13th from 5-9pm. This evening is free and open to all fitness professionals and enthusiasts. Check out our awesome schedule of events below. Get more information and RSVP above under FIND A CLASS. We can’t wait to see you!

Industry Night: Uniting to Inspire a Physical Culture
Schedule of Events: Friday, November 13th 

5-5:30pm  |  Ayurveda Elements  |  Monica Bloom |  Performance Studio

5-6pm  |  Mat Pilates  |  Mollie Rose +  Stella Sandoval  |  Core Studio

5-6pm  |  TRX® for Yoga  |  Tenae Roth  |  Power Studio

5-6pm  |  Open Rock Climbing  |  Julie Light  |  Climb Studio

5:30-6pm  |  Indoor Cycling Tips + Trends  |  Buddy Macuha  |  Cycle Studio

5:30-6:30pm  |  Strength + Conditioning  |  Katy Jercich  |  Strength Studio

5:45-6:30pm  |  Zumba®  |  Pablo Masangcay  |  Performance Studio

6-6:45pm  |  Express Cycle   |  Buddy Macuha  |  Cycle Studio

6:15-7pm  |  Ground Games  |  Philip Levi  |  Power Studio

6:15-7pm  |  Slow Burn  |  Cecily Guest  |  Core Studio

6:30-7pm  |  Studio Pilates Demos  |   Brett Ekren + Jackie Latour   |  Pilates Studio

7-7:30pm  |  Uniting Through Fitness  |  Dennis Dumas  |  Performance Studio

7:30-8pm  |  Aerial Silk + Hand Balance Demos  |  Kyoko Uchida  |  Climb Studio

7:30-8:15pm  |  Re-Energize + Beat Burnout  |  Caroline Jordan  |  Core Studio

7:30-8:15pm  |  Strength with Purpose  |  Chip Conrad  |  Power Studio

7:30-8:45pm  |  Dance Xperience  |  Ronnie Reddick  |  Performance Studio

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