Studio Road Ride

Gear up and breakaway; this class is great cardiovascular training and preparation for cycling outdoors.

Employing a rhythmic, musically inspired approach, this class is designed to help riders build endurance and confidence. Learn to use visualization and road cycling terminology to bring the outdoors inside. Imagine gliding down picturesque Mt.Tamalpais or grinding up the treacherous Italian Alps in a ride built for anyone thirsting for the road. Break into teams or race against the person next to you in this community building class. Studio Road Ride is a more traditional cycling class.

What you’re working

What to expect
Come early to prep the bike and expect to be motivated in this structured, self-paced cycling class. You will be challenged to focus, engage, and stay present. Be prepared to transition through a moving meditation and concentrated cycling drills. This class is not meant to entertain you, instead it’s purpose is to teach you fundamentals useful for the road.

What to wear
Hard soled shoes or cycling shoes with LOOK or SPD clips. Padded cycling shorts or a gel seat are recommended to protect your toosh; no jeans or sandals. Don’t forget your water bottle.

Who’s teaching
Jet Appling

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