Studio Cycle Mix

Sweat it out with a challenging ride to motivating music. We’ll mix it up and class will fly by.

Looking for a fun high intensity cycling class? Does the music move you? Depending on the instructor, Studio Cycle Mix is a fun blend of road riding technique and cardio-junkie bliss. You will be challenged with sprints, jumps, hills, climbs, and some fun team antics. This class is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you sweat!

What you’re working

What to expect
All cyclists should come early to prep the bike. This is a fun, heart pounding cycling class that is sure to lift your spirits. Expect to be motivated. Expect to laugh. Some have cried. Others have sung.

What to wear
Hard soled shoes or cycling shoes with LOOK or SPD clips. Padded cycling shorts or a gel seat are recommended to protect your toosh; no jeans or sandals. Don’t forget your water bottle.

Who is teaching
Cecily Guest
Ray Salahuddin

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