Sound Bath ($)


Relax and realign by simply being present as an expert practitioner creates vibrations though sound bowls and other tools. Come when you can or add this unique sound healing experience to your monthly routine. $20 per class for members + guests.

A Sound Bath is like a deep tissue massage on a cellular level. For thousands of years, sound has been used in ancient cultures to relieve pain, reduce stress, ease anxiety, and promote a sense of well being. Many cultures, religions, and mystic traditions have celebrated the power of music to induce trance and meditative states and expand one’s consciousness. Whether you’re an athlete trying to maintain your competitive edge and resolve recurring injuries, or you are looking for relief from an array of ailments like stress, chronic pain, digestive issues, sleeping disorders, or weight gain, science has proven that sound vibrations have a strong impact upon our tissues. The calming sounds bring balance and harmony to the body. Please note, no one will be permitted to enter 10 minutes after the class start time to ensure the best experience for all.

What you’re working

What to expect
You’ll lie down in savasana, close your eyes, and focus on your breath as wave after wave of sound washes over you. This soundscape helps to eliminate inner chatter, relaxing the mind to achieve a powerful theta brainwave state which turns on the bodies natural immune system functions. Everyone’s experience is unique to the person next to them so your body temperature may shift from warm to cold. Expect a dreamy, ethereal experience.

What to wear
Warm comfortable clothing you can lie down in. No shoes necessary, but socks will keep you cozy. You are welcome to bring anything that will make you feel the most comfortable such as your own yoga mat, blanket, and/or bolster, although these items are provided.

Who is teaching

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