Mindful Meditation

Cultivate inner peace, self-compassion, and happiness in this guided meditation class. You’ll gain insight and get a fresh perspective on what truly matters to you. Learn to be more present, and fully enjoy life!

We all brush our teeth, wash our hair, and shower away the remnants from the day. Our brain often needs a good cleaning too. Pause and participate in a 30 minute guided meditation that will help to relax and promote well being. In this class we will explore stillness and breath through different methods. For those who are always on the go, this time will offer an opportunity to quiet the mind, gain clarity, and release tension. For those who have learned the art of releasing, you’ll get a chance to explore more ways to dive deeper into your practice. Please be on time and mindful of the group experience.

What you’re working

What to expect
We’ll explore different ways to meditate using basic tools like sound, counting breaths, or even just the breath itself. Stillness can be uncomfortable for some; we’ll discover mantras (anchors) to help keep your thoughts from wandering. It is best to come without expectations. Keep an open mind and become better overtime. Those who make mediation a part of their weekly health regimen reep volumes of benefits: improved metabolism, immunity, brain function, productivity, and sleep quality, while reducing stress and premature aging. Gain a deeper appreciation for life as you feel more connected and engaged.

What to wear
Warm, layered, comfortable clothing

Who is teaching

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