Kettlebell Sport

Learn to swing and lift Kettlebells with ease. Practice your form while building strength, endurance, and coordination. Kettlebells are a growing sport in the USA; be part of the movement.

Teach the mind and train the body. Learn the art of competition style Kettlebell, different from Russian or Hard Style typically taught in most fitness settings. This class breaks down all the lifts and addresses individual technique issues, making small tweaks as needed. You will also learn coordination and balance between right and left sides of your body while challenging your endurance and engaging your nervous system. Join the growing sport and learn to lift weights in a different style. Kettlebell Sport is great if you’re a beginner, or it may help take your training to the next level if you’ve been at it for a while.

What you’re working

What to expect
Keep an open mind as the class experience is a bit different than normal weight training and ‘basic’ Kettlebell lifting. Learn to consistently shake off your nerves, engage mentally, and own your work. Prepare to challenge your coordination! This is an engaging and technique driven experience that will likely take you time to perfect. Patience required.

What to wear
Dress in comfortable clothes and flat, well fitting shoes. Soft wrist bands or boxing wraps optional and can be borrowed at the service desk.

Who is teaching
Ryan Swift

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