Hip Hop Core

Get down and sweaty with Hip Hop Core, a cardio-dance class blending easy to follow routines with free weights, Bender Balls, and 15 minutes of core work to complete your fitness dance fix.

This class is the perfect blend of hip hop choreography, cardiovascular endurance training, and your favorite abs class. We’ll use various tools along with fun contemporary music to make the hour fly by. Execute isolations and contractions that focus on internal and external obliques, transverse, and rectus abdominis. The kicks from Jazz and kickboxing add to an intense lower body burn and the addition of small 2-5lb dumbbells round out your experience.

What you’re working

What to expect
Expect to smile and groove. Any worries you have will simply melt away as you pop, twist, and turn. Enjoy the benefits of a non-stop dance conditioning workout that moves the entire body. Moving in multiple planes of motion, you’ll improve flexibility, coordination, and core strength. Your first class may be a little challenging, but each class gets easier as you learn the basic foot patterns.

What to wear
Comfortable vibrant clothing that you can sweat in and shoes with very little tread that will allow you to glide across the floor. Feel free to break out those dance shoes.

Who is teaching
Jessica Rae

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