Express Cycle

A 45 minute high intensity studio cycle class to get your heart rate going with sprint intervals and challenging climbs. A quick ride for those with places to go.

This non-impact class has the same health benefits as a regular cycling class with an added metabolic boost to accelerate fat loss. The Express Cycle format incorporates HIIT training and Tabata drills to increase your power and stamina. If you are limited for time and seeking a cardiovascular challenge, this is the class for you.

What you’re working

What to expect
Participants can expect to be guided through cycling drills that include jumps, sprints, and climbs for a high intensity ferocious ride. Express Cycle pulls from a variety of indoor cycling disciplines to create a class perfect for those who really just want to break a good sweat and fast!

What to wear
Hard soled shoes or cycling shoes with LOOK or SPD clips. Padded cycling shorts or a gel seat are recommended to protect your toosh; no jeans or sandals. Don’t forget your water bottle.

Who is teaching

Jenne Chung
Jet Appling
Kim Delgado
Ray Salahuddin
Sarah Combs
Tenae Roth

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