Cycle Pulse

Sprint, drive, climb- a unique cycling class that will allow you to see your heart rate, understand your effort level, and be accountable to your work and recovery.

Cycle Pulse will inspire you to move more efficiently and work smarter not necessarily harder, although you may find that you haven’t been working hard enough! Once you are registered for class, setup is simple. Bring your monitor and we’ll sync it to our OnBeat system. Gain a better understanding of your heart rate zones as we work through intensities on a color coded screen. All wearables must be ANT+ or Bluetooth compatible; our software syncs with almost any popular heart rate monitor from companies such as Wahoo, Mio, Polar, Garmin and Scosche. Instructors will design dynamic classes around your cycling experience using real time data. Unfortunately, Apple watch and Fitbit will not sync.

What you’re working

What to expect
Expect the same hills and sprints as you experience in any of our cycle classes. We’ll ride to great music with the addition of easy to view, personalized heart rate training in a group setting. Your instructor will ask that you join in and pedal with the team, but always within your ability. If you have had trouble understanding exactly what demands are required or what tension to add while cycling, this class offers an eye opening hour of clarity. Whether you are a competitive athlete training for power and speed or simply craving a killer calorie burn, Cycle Pulse reconnects you to your body and heart. Finally, cardiovascular conditioning that makes sense! Please bring in your own heart rate monitor, although we will have a few on hand to borrow. It is important, especially on your first visit, that you arrive 5-10 minutes early to get your personal wearable logged into the system.

What to wear
Hard soled shoes or cycling shoes with LOOK or SPD clips. Padded cycling shorts or a gel seat are recommended to protect your toosh; no jeans or sandals. Don’t forget your water bottle.

Who is teaching
Tenae Roth

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