Climbing Techniques


Focus on personal goals and strategies to work through your climbing plateaus. We’ll practice proper body positioning, fear management, and how to conserve energy on the wall. Beginners and all levels of indoor and outdoor climbers welcome.

Strength does not always equal success on the wall. Whether it’s your first day or you’ve been climbing for years, you’ll gain confidence while climbing in an encouraging environment. Climbing is not just a physical game, it’s a mental one too! Join us and approach your next climb with a new perspective.

What you’re working

What to expect
A mix of instruction and movement, this class will intellectualize technique for improved climbing skills. We’ll explore proper body positioning and the importance of mental focus in this intimate, non-intimidating environment. All necessary equipment provided. No previous climbing experience required, however, seasoned climbers will benefit as well.

What to wear
Comfortable clothing that allows you to move, covered knees recommended. Harness, ropes, and shoes provided.

Who is teaching
Ryan Swift

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