Cardio Kickbox

Kick it up a notch with fast paced kickboxing training and conditioning. Float and sting.

Cardio kickbox is a great sweat inducing, heart pumping class built for all fitness levels. Learn combinations from boxing and martial arts combined with athletic conditioning drills set to fast-paced, fun music. This intense, total-body workout can improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance, coordination, balance, and flexibility. During a 60 minute kickboxing workout, you can burn anywhere from 500 to 800 calories.

What you’re working

What to expect
Expect to move non-stop and enhance your cardiovascular endurance. This high impact workout will improve your reaction time, agility, and coordination. If you feel like you have two left feet, don’t be shy, come back regularly to build your skills!

What to wear
Supportive shoes and comfortable clothing that allows you to sweat and move freely.

Who is teaching
Jessica Rae
Wendy Larkin

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