Cardio Bootcamp

This fun, tempo driven class is the perfect combination of cardio and muscle endurance. We work the whole body together for one intense calorie burning workout.

This class artfully blends a traditional aerobics class with resistance training to deliver a full body workout that will leave you breathless. Expect intervals of tempo driven work mixed with intervals of calisthenics and partner drills. Learn to move as a team in this fun and engaging workout. The time flies by as your coach takes you through a series of high-intensity, cardio based movement then actively moves you into blocks of strength and core work. Great music helps to drive this class and set the pace.

What you’re working

What to expect
This is a calorie burn class where you’ll move to the beat. Be prepared to engage in team and partner drills. This workout is great for all, from beginner to advanced, challenging your endurance, coordination, balance, and overall strength.

What to wear
Comfortable clothing that you can sweat and move in with supportive tennis shoes.

Who is teaching
Stella Sandoval

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