Body Boom®

Body Boom® is a studio style dance class that delivers exciting, contemporary choreography to build and push your athleticism and endurance. Finally a class where dance conditioning meets peak performance training. Shake, shimmy, pop, and groove in this fun and challenging dance class.

Dance to a slimmer you! Get ‘jiggy’ in a relaxed, fun class that easily breaks down choreography. Follow along as we build onto the routine and sneak in familiar fitness moves. Body Boom®’s fun loving approach will help to get you loose, limber, and ready to shake it. However, be prepared to test your athleticism, flexibility, and muscular endurance as we often hit the floor.

What you’re working

What to expect
Expect to leave class smiling and with a swag in your step. You’ll be motivated with contemporary and nostalgic music that inspires you to let your hair down. This is a non-stop class that blends different genres of dance from modern to jazz. We’ll start with a dynamic warm up and stretch, then use basic principles of cardiovascular and interval training to mix up the choreography. For those who feel they have two left feet, never fear, we’ll break down the steps and offer fitness alternatives such as jumps, lunges, and pushups. Coordination and confidence will build with each class.

What to wear
Anything sassy and comfortable to groove in. Lipstick, possibly? (and heels only for the brave)

Who is teaching
Vanessa Wilkins

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