Athletic Pilates

Pilates for the athletic body, this class follows the traditional mat order and adds additional core exercises for flexibility, muscle endurance, core strength, and control.

Athletic Pilates improves posture, prevents injury, and increases overall body awareness. Discover and correct muscle imbalances for optimal performance. The core work in Pilates trains the body to move more efficiently with minimal impact on the joints; a perfect compliment for every athlete’s routine. Perform at your best, sit taller, and have a better outlook on life!

What you’re working

What to expect
Stretch and strengthen with precision. You can expect to be challenged during this power hour of non-impact exercises. This class focuses on the frequently neglected muscles of the body with every exercise initiated from your strong center. Prepare to step outside of your comfort zone, but walk away feeling much taller and limber than when you walked in. More athletic in style, this class may appeal to sports enthusiasts and the athletic mind.

What to wear
Comfortable workout attire (nothing too loose) allowing the instructor to see your body alignment during work for proper correction. Your choice of bare feet or socks.

Who is teaching
Emily Goldenberg
Ray Salahuddin

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